National Deaf Dogs Rock Day started in 2015 as a way celebrate our deaf boxer Nitro’s birthday.  Nitro was the inspiration behind the national non-profit organization Deaf Dogs Rock – an organization which works to find homes for deaf dogs in need and provides educational and financial support to deaf dog families, shelters, and rescues.

Sept 21, 2024
National Deaf Dogs Rock Day


The mission of National Deaf Dogs Rock Day is to bring awareness to how much fun living with a deaf dog can be! On this day we celebrate the joy that deaf dogs bring to our lives, and that deaf dogs can do ANYTHING a hearing dog can do. Read more about extraordinary deaf dogs that work as therapy dogs and excel in K9 sports.


To celebrate National Deaf Dogs Rock Day we encourage you to do something special with a deaf dog today!

  • Volunteer at a rescue/shelter to walk a deaf dog.

  • Foster a deaf dog in need.

  • Make your dog a snuffle mat or order one.

  • Take a nap with your deaf dog.

  • Take your deaf dog for a car ride and roll the windows down a bit.

  • If you don’t have a fenced yard, get a 20′ or 30′ long line to let your deaf pup run a bit safely.

  • Order your deaf dog a flirt pole to practice impulse training.

  • Take your deaf dog on a walk or hike – cool morning is best!

  • Play scent games with your deaf dog by hiding treats around the house and playing “go find it”.

  • Take your deaf dog to a pet store and let them pick out a toy.

  • Get your deaf pup a puppichino at Starbucks

  • Play fetch or frisbee with your deaf dog.

  • Take your deaf dog to a training or agility class.

  • Do a photo session with your dog, use treats and practice “watch me” training.

  • Consider adopting a deaf dog and giving the pup a loving forever home!


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